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Teen Wolf human!AU: Derek is Stiles’ hot mechanic and, oops, the jeep keeps ‘breaking down’.

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Teen Wolf AU:  based on the tags in this post: #this looks like its from a fic where they get high together #and then they list out all the people they know that they would sleep with

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"God, he’s just trying so hard to escape. He wants to save you, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too late."

AU: Derek is possessed by a demon, and it uses his biggest fear against him. The person he loves more than anyone, dying just like his family did.

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I’m still trying to deal with the fact that WE FINALLY KINDA KNOW DEREK’S FUCKING AGE


peter was 36 when the hale fire happened and him and derek went to high school together which means they’re close in age so derek is around 36 years old

Derek & Peter didn’t go to school together? Derek said he shouldn’t be there, & cocky! Peter was all ‘no one is gunna make me leave because im hot.’

We know that they don’t age the way humans do but i’m gunna say that Peter was already late 20s to early 30’s in the Paige flashback if he was 38 at the time of the fire. We know Derek was still in school at the time of the fire, so i’d say he’s early 20’s maybe mid.

the fire was in 2005, so peter had been in the hospital 4 years when meredith got there in 2009 when he was 38

so minus 4 years peter was 35 when the fire happened

visionary happened months before the fire so between 34-35 

Derek’s 23, because Derek was 15 in 2004 when paige/jennifer/claudia happened, so he was 16 when the fire happened, it happened 6 years before canon started = 22, it’s been a year, so 23!

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Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge

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when you ship a ship so hard you don’t even care about the smut; you just want a billion page book about their entire lives beginning to end and how their lives are intertwined with one another’s and how beautiful their love is

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